Steps to take at the time of delivery to protect against loss:

  • Carefully Examine Each Package For Damage - If damage is visible, note this fact on the delivery receipt and have the driver clearly note it on your copy. Take pictures. If the box/crate has the appearance that the contents may possibly be damaged, insist that it be opened right at that time. Both you and the driver should make joint inspections of the contents. Any concealed damage discovered should be photographed and noted on the delivery receipt and on your copy. 
  • Note Any Damage On Delivery Receipt – If the package is even slightly damaged, note that fact on the delivery receipt. The driver should not be given a clear delivery receipt (one signed without exception) if there is the slightest crush, crease, scuff, or puncture on any carton. It is vital that you note the condition of any bruised or damaged packages – such as “slight crush, top right corner” – on both copies of the delivery receipt. Be as clear and detailed as possible. If the driver uses an electronic receiving device and you identify possible damage, ask the driver to make a notation on the device of the damage and ask for an “exception number”. This number is your proof that there is visible or possible concealed freight damage on your shipment.
  • Immediately After Delivery, Open All Packages and Inspect For Concealed Damage - Even though the driver has left, all packages should immediately be opened and the contents inspected for possible concealed damage.

Steps To Take When Visible Or Concealed Damage is Discovered:

  • Retain Damaged Items – Not only must the damaged items be held at the point where received, but the containers and all inner packing materials must be held until an inspection is made by the carrier's inspector. PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE PACKAGING!! If we are to make a claim for concealed damage on your behalf, we require a picture of the packaging along with the claim.
  • Notify us immediately – Contact us at once at and we will proceed to contact the carrier to report damage and request inspection. Damage not reported within 48 hours will result in the claim being denied.  Be sure to retain a copy of your email for your claim records.

Steps To Take When Carrier Makes Inspection Of Damaged Items:

  • Have Damaged Items In Unpacking Area – Make certain the damaged items have not been moved from the unpacking area where the damage was discovered. Allow inspector to inspect damaged items, cartons, inner packing materials, and freight bill. Be sure to retain your deliver receipt, it will be needed as a supporting document when the claim is filed.
  • After Inspector Fills Out Inspection Report, Carefully Read it Before Signing – If you do not agree with any of the facts or conclusions made by the inspector on the report, do not sign it and call us immediately at (888) 828 8535. In the inspection report, the inspector will assess if the item can be satisfactorily repaired of if it must be replaced with a new item. A new item can be ordered only if the inspection report specified “REPLACE.”

Failure of Carrier to Make An Inspection:

  • Generally a carrier, when requested to do so, will conduct and inspection of damaged goods. However, at its discretion, it may waive inspection. If it fails to make an inspection within 48 hours of the damage being reported, you should conduct your own inspection. Take as many photographs as necessary and describe clearly and in detail any and all damage discovered. 
  • Forward a Copy of the Inspection Report – Send a copy of the inspection report (the carrier’s report or yours) and the delivery receipt to immediately for us to proceed with the claim. This must be done within 10 business days from delivery. The carrier has 120 days from the date of receipt of your claim to make settlement on interstate claims. Don’t delay us filing a claim awaiting a tardy inspection.

Steps To Take After Inspection Has Been Made

  • Continue to Retain Damaged Merchandise – Even though inspection has been completed, damaged items cannot be used or disposed of without written permission from us.
  • Do Not Return Damaged Items to Shipper – The return of such items should not be made without written authorization from us.
  • Secure Receipt From Carrier If Damaged Items – If you surrender damaged merchandise to a carrier for salvage because it is valueless to you, be sure to secure a receipt from the driver when it is picked up. Retain that receipt.



Because we support your right to change your mind, same-day cancellations  incur in no penalties.  After that, orders that have not shipped are subject to a 25% administration fee. There are no cancellations on orders that have already shipped, and custom and made-to-order products that have gone into production. To cancel an order please email us at



To qualify for a return please note the following:

  • Product must be clean, unused and in its original packaging.
  • Returns and Re-shipments shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer
  • ​Returns must be requested within the next 48 hrs from delivery.
  • Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card used when placing the order.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee.

    There are no returns on:

    • Custom products.
    • Used products.
    • Products without original packaging.

    You must have a Return Authorization Number (RAN) to qualify for a return: 
    Please email us at to obtain a RAN and a return address. Returns may not be sent to our corporate address.

    If packages are refused at the point of delivery, the buyer will be responsible for any return shipping charges and restocking fee when applicable.