Slick Rock Concrete Spill Box 30" Water Bowl
Water Bowl Spill Box 30" - Free Cover ✓ [Slick Rock Concrete]
Water Bowl Spill Box 30" - Free Cover ✓ [Slick Rock Concrete]

Water Bowl Spill Box 30" - Free Cover ✓ [Slick Rock Concrete]

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    [PROMO] Get a free Weather-Proof Cover and keep your Water Bowl safe and clean when not in use. Made from resistant Polyester with PVC backing.

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    [WARRANTY] 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.


    The Water Bowl Spill Box 30" from Slick Rock Concrete adds a little romance to your home décor. The perfect finishing touch to your living room or patio. Finished in an elegant concrete to complement any room.

    Slick Rock Concrete products are exquisite hand-made items Made-to-Order, so you are guaranteed a brand new product, not something that has been sitting in a stockroom for months. Slight variations in texture and color may occur.

    Specifications & Features:

    • Cast in 15,000 psi High-Performance Concrete, reinforced with micro-glass fibers for outstanding durability. As in all cast concrete products, air voids, seams, and small, non-structural fractures are normal.
    • 12 Amazing Colors to choose from that will complement any decor. Stained and not painted, will look great for a long time.
    • Finished with a High-Tech Sealant to provide superior stain resistance while leaving the surface looking very natural.

    Dimensions: 30” x 30”, Spillway: 4.5”, Height: 10", Weight: 320 lbs.


    NOTE: Installation must be done by a local Professional Technician.

    Important: Always wait until the units have completely cooled down before covering them, and let them air out every couple of days to prevent condensation from building up inside, as this may result in the covers sticking to the surface.