Fire by Design Tuscany Fire Bowl
Fire by Design Tuscany Fire Bowl + Free Cover - The Fire Pit Collection
Tuscany Fire Bowl with Electronic Ignition - Free Cover ✓ [Fire by Design]
Tuscany Fire Bowl with Electronic Ignition - Free Cover ✓ [Fire by Design]
Fire by Design Tuscany Fire Bowl + Free Cover - The Fire Pit Collection

Tuscany Fire Bowl with Electronic Ignition - Free Cover ✓ [Fire by Design]

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    [FREE SHIPPING] Unlike some products on the market, all Fire by Design products are Made-to-Order. This means that not only do you get the best quality fire features available, but they will be custom made and shipped to you in 6-8 weeks.

    [WARRANTY] 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

    [PROMO] Get a first-class Cover made from premium polyester and resistant PVC. This Cover is UV resistant and weather-proof for all year protection.

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    Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, the Tuscany Fire Bowl from Fire by Design combines artistic and contemporary design with a durable and natural looking that gives your family a warm and nice place to gather on the summer nights with the versatility and style that you need.

    Every one of these handmade Fire Pits will be unique and each may be permeated by a rich complexity of colour or shade variation.



    • Size: 24"30", 36" or 47".
    • Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane.
    • Finish: 9 pre-cast Color options in high-textured Sandblast finish.


    • Constructed of high durability Concrete, made to withstand the elements for many years to come.
    • Fitted with Stainless Steel Components specifically designed for any environment with next-to-no maintenance.
    • Fire by Design's top-of-the-line All-Weather Electronic Ignition System with Commercial Grade Pilot Burner, field tested to stay lit in the rain and up to 55 mph winds. 
    • Includes a 24V Transformer and Flat Burner Pan.
    • Thermopile Heat Sensor safety system shuts off gas flow in case of blow-outs.
    • Propane model includes Air Mixer and Safety Backup Valve.
    • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects. 


      • 30"
        • Dimensions: Outer Diameter: 30", Base Diameter: 14", Height: 13".
        • 12"  Fire Ring Burner and 22" Flat Burner Pan.
        • Weight: 192 lbs.
        • Heat Output: 83k BTU/hr.
        • Holds 530 lbs. of Fire Glass.
      • 36"
        • Dimensions: Outer Diameter: 36", Base Diameter: 16", Height: 15".
        • 18"  Fire Ring Burner and 28" Flat Burner Pan.
        • Weight: 289 lbs.
        • Heat Output: 187k BTU/hr.
        • Holds 60 lbs. of Fire Glass.
      • 47"
        • Dimensions: Outer Diameter: 47", Base Diameter: 20", Height: 20".
        • 24"  Fire Ring Burner and 38" Flat Burner Pan.
        • Weight: 630 lbs.
        • Heat Output: 218k BTU/hr.
        • Holds 100 lbs. of Fire Glass.


      [NOTE] Installation must be done by a local Professional Technician ✓

      WARNING ⚠️ Combustion by-products results in emissions that can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to harm health.

      For more information go to:


      Important: Always wait until the units have completely cooled down before covering them, and let them air out every 48 hrs to prevent condensation from building up inside, as this may result in the covers sticking to the surface. Please keep in mind these directions apply either if you are in the summer, fall or winter season. By using this product you commit to follow these directions, no warranty will be provided for products being damaged by the cover as this will be considered as bad usage.

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