The Outdoor Plus Maya Copper Water Bowl + Free Cover - The Fire Pit Collection
The Outdoor Plus Maya Copper Water Bowl + Free Cover - The Fire Pit Collection

Maya Copper Water Bowl - Free Cover ✓ [The Outdoor Plus]

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    Why Buy From Outdoor Heat Direct

    [FREE SHIPPING] Unlike some fire pits on the market, All The Outdoor Plus products are Made-to-Order. This means that not only do you get the best quality fire pits available, but they will be custom made and shipped to you in 5-8 weeks.

    [PROMO] Get a first-class Cover made from premium polyester and resistant PVC. This Cover is UV resistant and weather-proof for all year protection.

    [WARRANTY] 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Every one of these handmade firepits will be unique and each may be permeated by a rich complexity of colour or shade variation.


    Adding a water feature to your outdoor backyard or patio can turn an ordinary space into something amazing. The Maya Copper Water Bowl from The Outdoor Plus is handcrafted giving each bowl a unique pattern, beautiful texture and color. 


    • Constructed of beautiful Hammered Copper, it will look great for many years to come. Due to copper’s natural properties and surrounding environment the copper material will change its color into a blue/green hue over time.
    • Available in three sizes: 24", 30" or 36".
    • Smooth Copper finish available upon request. Email us at and ask for a quote.
    • Comes with 1.5" Easy-Flow Water Fitting.
    • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects.


    • 24"
      • Dimensions: Upper Dimensions: 24" x 24", Base: 12" x 12", Height: 8".
      • 30"
        • Dimensions: Upper Dimensions: 30" x 30", Base: 15" x 15", Height: 10".
      • 36"
        • Dimensions:  Upper Dimensions: 36" x 36", Base: 18" x 18", Height: 10".


      Water Bowl Installation Manual