The Outdoor Plus Roman Fire Torch / Stainless Steel + Free Cover - The Fire Pit Collection
Roman Fire Torch / Stainless Steel - Free Cover ✓ [The Outdoor Plus]

Roman Fire Torch / Stainless Steel - Free Cover ✓ [The Outdoor Plus]

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    Why Buy From Outdoor Heat Direct

    [FREE SHIPPING] Unlike some fire pits on the market, All The Outdoor Plus products are Made-to-Order. This means that not only do you get the best quality fire pits available, but they will be custom made and shipped to you in 5-8 weeks.

    [PROMO] Get a first-class Cover made from premium polyester and resistant PVC. This Cover is UV resistant and weather-proof for all year protection.

    Every one of these handmade firepits will be unique and each may be permeated by a rich complexity of colour or shade variation.

    Use this amazing Roman Fire Torch / Stainless Steel from The Outdoor Plus to light walkways, pool areas, and lounging patios. You are definitely going to love it!

    Made from durable and elegant Stainless Steel.

    Fuel: Natural Gas and Propane versions.



    • Dimensions: 16"H, 10"W
    • Heat Output: 25K BTU/hr. 


    IMPORTANT: Installation must be done by a Licensed Technician. Please download required Installation and Operation Manuals from our Manuals & Guides section.

    WARNING: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include chemicals known to the State of California to harm health. For more information go to:

    *Torch Post not inlcuded.